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Meet Dina

I am a teacher, mom of 2 college students and a fierce advocate for equality and diversity. My husband and I are both hard working people and know how difficult it can be for families to prosper. Like all parents, we do the best we can to make the world a better place for our children. That's why I'm running for the Ohio State House of Representatives. I want to use my unique experiences to help make Ohio a better place for our kids and generations to come. 

     I  have been a public servant since I was a teenager. I served the youth in our community in the Parks and Recreation department keeping score for basketball games and working at the day camp as a counselor in the summers. This kind of work led me to become a teacher where I have taught children ages pre-k to seniors in high school for 23 years. Currently, I work as an ESL teacher teaching English to students who speak another language at home. This job allows me to work with immigrant families who are looking to be an integral part of the community. Whether it's providing experiences for my students and families by exploring the local National Park, watching the ballet at The Akron Civic Theater,  and even helping families buy their first home, I work closely with the community to encourage and celebrate our potential and diversity.

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