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Building Stronger Communities for Future Generations


Families are First

Dina Edwards for Ohio is about putting families first. As a mom and candidate, I  am proud to be running for political office in Ohio. I understand the difficulties families face today and have unique expertise to craft legislation that supports families if elected as your representative. Whether it's the wellbeing of our children, fighting for childcare assistance or supporting mental health initiatives, I will be your champion in Ohio. 


  • I will fight to protect a woman's right to choose and keep family planning out of the hands of politicians.

  • Proper care is essential for the family to function so healthy moms and dads can get to work and school attendance is consistent. No one should be forced to choose between food on the table or a medical bill.

  • Elderly family members need prescriptions and proper care. Nobody should be left alone in a battle with Big Pharma and insurance companies.


  • With the cost of living and housing so high, it is near impossible for families to afford childcare. 

  • I support public preschool that will benefit kids and parents alike.

  • Childcare subsidies help mothers and families get their jobs done.

Mental Healthcare

  • Mental illness can sneak up on you in the form of stress, anxiety or depression and once it takes hold, it can be difficult to manage. That's why as your representative, I will work to write laws that support families and schools to address and teach awareness on issues such as trauma informed care, behaviors that lead to success and strategies that work.

  • I will back mental health care providers so that insurance companies don't pay out a fraction of the bill. 

  • Health care should comprehensively cover mental health care 100%. 

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