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I Support Workers like You

My husband and I both belong to a labor union and understand, firsthand, the importance of collective bargaining and worker's rights. Not only do our unions make safety a priority and fight for fair wages, they support and value working people. As a state representative, I will work tirelessly to make sure unions stay strong in the state of Ohio today and tomorrow.

Solar Panels

Renewable Engergy

An opportunity for the next Industrial Revolution is in our reach with renewable energy as the way forward. Our workers can rise to the occasion and lead Ohio toward a cleaner way of life. I support a clean future for our children.

Open For Business

Small Businesses

My husband works for a small business. They are the backbone of our local economies and provide goods and services that keep our families and communities thriving. I back legislation that puts tax burdens on large corporations and their record breaking profits.

Highway Bridges


Updating and innovating new infrastructure not only keeps Ohioans safe while traveling but will add and secure jobs in skilled labor. College is not for everyone and the demand is high for hard working people who can learn a skill and make a great living.


Public Servants

I see and feel the struggle teachers have everyday. Other critical public servant professionals like police and fireman are feeling the same despair while simply trying do their jobs. It is imperative we support these workers who keep our communities prosperous and safe.

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