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Keeping People Informed


I am a veteran teacher of 23 years and I will fight for fair school funding in Columbus!  

Twenty-six years ago, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled the method used to fund our public schools was unconstitutional. While I support expanded free school meals passed in the state operating budget, I'm troubled by Ohio Republicans continued push for broadened vouchers.

As a public school teacher, I know that the most important thing we can do is educate our children for the future. All students, regardless of where they come from, deserve a quality education. But Ohio Republican's divert money away from public schools with vouchers and create inequality. This system is what they call 'school choice', but these schools are not offsetting costs for families. They are raising tuition and pocketing the extra money they make off of the voucher. Even worse, the private and charter schools don't have oversight from the government on the integrity of the education they are providing. Ohio Public schools do.


As your representative, I will fight to keep public money in the public schools where there is accountability and excellence in education for all students.

I support common sense gun legislation so our schools are a safe place for students to learn.

In the beginning of my career, we never knew what an active shooter drill was. Today, it's common practice. This is totally unacceptable. Children deserve to live in a world where school is a haven, not a potential war zone. I will do what I can to write and pas legislation that makes sense when owning a gun. Our kids depend on it.


I support House Bill 171.

This bill seeks to change the social studies model K-12 curriculum to include "age and grade -appropriate instruction in the migration journeys, experiences and societal contributions of a range of communities in Ohio and the United States".


I teach English to students who speak other languages at home, and the students and families I serve all have unique experiences they bring with them. They are committed to working hard as contributing community members. They add value to Ohio and I celebrate the diversity.

Kudos to eight-year-old Rosie Factora Borchers for testifying in favor of HB 171.

I DO NOT SUPPORT HOUSE BILL 68. This horrifying legislation is bad for kids and families in Ohio. I am tired of politicians forcing unpopular legislation with no regard to voter approval, data and statistics down your families throat. Almost 1 in 5 transgender and nonbinary youth attempted suicide in the past year, according to the Trevor Project's 2023 survey of the status of mental health of LGBTQ young people. This kind of legislation is abjectly wrong for Ohioans. I will protect LGBTQ children from extreme legislation like this.

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